Kara Martin SnyderHowdy, I'm Kara. 

Health & Lifestyle Strategist. Awkward Introduction Assassin. Thought Provocateur. Natural Chef. Troubleshooter. Teacher. Speaker. Poo Whisperer. Classical Pilates Instructor. That's a lot of titles, right? Simply put, those are the tools in my toolbox. 

I have helped hundreds of frazzled, under-nourished Type A women all over the globe get their shizzle together. It's my passion. I'm hellbent on inspiring, educating and suporting people who really want improve their health, redesign their lifestyle and discover what makes them want to pop out of bed in the morning. 

I can tell you that i wasn't always popping out of bed so full of life and vigor. 

Let's start from the beginning. I grew up in a small New England town where the diversity was French Catholic or Irish Catholic. (Boring.) I did my homework. I played sports. I followed the rules (ok, mostly followed the rules). I went to college and worked really hard to get the "right" job as Certified Public Accountant. In fact, I worked for one of the most prestigious firms on the planet...and in New York City. I even passed that dreadful 16-hour exam. 

Turns out, the "right" job was so absolutely wrong for me. At points, I was working 100-hour weeks. My health was slipping away from all the take-out, boozy client dinners, stress overload, and lack of sleep. My energy and creativity eroded. I cried in hotel rooms as I missed friends' birthdays or other milestones because of my indentured servitude. For what?  A small card from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that said I could really count some beans. Let's not even talk about dating. 

What did I do? Hmmmm, at first, I self-medicated. It was a mind-numbing, gut-scrambling mix of emotional eating, partying and oversleeping (when there was time). Until it caught up with me, that is. By my mid-20s, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and handed a fistful of prescriptions. Take until you don't need them. It wasn't just my digestive system that was pissed off anymore. Turns out, my job and my lifestyle were, quite literally, rotting my guts out. 

What did I do next? I stopped to catch my breath. Then, I took stock of everything that I had learned and all of the skills that I had acquired. All of the analysis and process re-engineering training. All of the client service training. All of the time management & accountability training. All of the sports training. All the books that I had read about health & wellness. All of it. Plus, one huge dose of intuition. 

Turns out, I was really awesome at cleaning up messes. Whether it be a bankrupt company, a disorganized company, a startup, an ex-boyfriend, or well, me. So, I became the Chief Consultant & Advocate to myself. The most effective plan that I built in my life was My Exit Plan (also known as The I'm Sick of Feeling Like The Walking Dead Every Day Plan). 

One by one, I layered in changes and made some experiments. Exercise. Better eating habits. Figuring out why I'd binge on saltines or marshmallow fluff standing at my kitchen counter. Stressing less. Cooking more. Advocating for change. A job with less travel. A job with less hours. A Pilates apprenticeship. A health coach training program. A part-time job with flexible hours, so I could grow my wellness practice. A plant-based culinary program. Transitioning to working for myself with clients that inspire me as much as I inspire them. 

It took me many years to make all of those changes and experiments. I tried and failed. I tried and succeeded.  Now, I get to use all of that wisdom and fantastic experience to fast-track the process for you. 

Are you even a little bit curious about how health & lifestyle coaching can help you? Don't be scared. It could be the most fantastically awesome call that you'll ever make. You can even start by saying, "I don't know what to say here, Kara." It's all cool. A lot of people don't really know what health & lifestyle coaching is. 


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