Beyond the Elevator Coaching

Articulate Y-O-U with Confidence & Purpose

You’re at a party or a networking event. Someone asks what you do. Do you:

A. Just give a vague title that's met with disinterest

B. Find it takes at least 10 minutes to half-ass explain what you do

C. Squirm a bit and change the subject back to them

D. All of the above 

What if you were able to confidently introduce yourself in a way that got organic dialogue flowing? What if it actually aligned with who you are?

Pssst, you can. I can help you.

An elevator pitch is a sound byte. It's how you articulate the very essence of what you do. It’s the Reader’s Digest version of how you describe your life purpose to someone that you have just met. If this were dating, it’s your pick-up line.  

Let me be totally honest with you. People don't care about your title. (Trust me on this one; I spent a decade introducing myself as a certified public accountant.) They recall a meaningful conversation with an interesting, confident person. So, when you meet someone new, why are you just giving them the label that you list on a tax document or an immigration form? Worse still, why are you just rattling off your entire resume in the first 3 minutes that you’ve met someone? 

Who is this for?

Anyone who has ever had to introduce themself and walked away thinking, "Well, that felt a little awkward." If you’re fuzzy about what your life purpose is, then how are you going to be concise about it? How is someone you just met going to decipher it? 

Malcolm Gladwell taught us that we decide about people in a blink. It’s time to get clear. You want to be remembered as the confident person that knows exactly who they are, not just vaguely recalled. 

This program is for entrepreneurs, office dwellers or anybody that has to make introductions frequently. However, it's not for the faint of heart. I've seen some truly bright and successful people quake get all nervous and tongue-tied at the start of our session. Yet, I've seen them end the session with a succinct, meaningful introduction that they can start using immediately. 

I loved the process of sharing my responses through writing. I could choose when I did this, could add to what I wrote or delete parts later on. The phone elevator pitch stripped me bare and helped me to see the huge gap between what I'm thinking and what I'm able to communicate. The instant feedback approach was brilliant. It made what is usually a solitary exercise into something much more fun and your questions helped me to dig deeper. –C.H., a Beyond the Elevator client

What is the Beyond the Elevator package?

Beyond the Elevator is an interactive program designed for you to gain more awareness and clarity around what motivates you with the flexibilty to fit your hectic schedule. It consists of 7 online coaching modules that will be accessible 24/7. Want to work on it on a Saturday night or when your children are napping? Go for it. Each module takes approximately 30-45 minutes to initially complete.

The package culminates with a 50-minute call with me, Kara, to practice your new clear, concise introduction. I’ll give you feedback immediately, so it better be tight. My intention is to create a safe space for you to focus and practice. I want you to hang up with a tighter, more authentic introduction plus some extra confidence. I’ve worked with hundreds entrepreneurs and other professionals. This can be done.

The cost of this program is only $195. You can begin right now. All of the modules will be released to you after registering, so you can dive right in. What are you waiting for?

Put an end to the awkward introduction and spark organic conversation with potential clients, business partners, colleagues, mentors and more.

If you have any additional questions, just ask me.