Classical Pilates Instruction

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique method of exercise created by Joe Pilates in the early part of the 20th century. Joe, a fitness pioneer, believed that “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” He employed Eastern and Western philosophies to create his Art of Contrology (the original name of his method). While the matwork, or exercises done on the mat, is the nucleus of the system, Joe also designed hundreds of apparatus-based exercises to stretch and strengthen the body starting with the center, or “powerhouse,” and radiating outward. The method is structured around 6 guiding principles: Concentration, Control, Center, Precision, Breath, and Fluidity, which make it a dynamic mind-body workout. The method’s efficiency and effectiveness make it a fantastic stand-alone regimen or cross-training workout to your current physical fitness routine.

What is Pilates not?

Pilates. Is. A. Workout. There are a lot of misconceptions about Pilates. It’s not yoga. Pilates is a distinct discipline with some mind-body and movement in common with yoga, but its goals and results are very different. It’s not just a bunch of sit-ups, nor just for "girls.". Pilates is a total body workout initiating from the powerhouse. It’s not physical therapy. Pilates can improve biomechanics and posture, and when appropriate, can be modified for injuries and physical limitations. Pilates can benefit all genders and ages. 

Who should do Pilates?

Everyone! Whether you are an athlete or armchair quarterback, a high school student or a senior citizen, an office dweller or a construction worker, a celebrity, or a mom, Pilates is for you. The method attracts people who would never set foot in a gym as well as fitness buffs looking to cross-train. 

As every person is different, so are their results — and their reasons for making Pilates a life choice.

  • Athletes, such as David Beckham, Curt Schilling, and Tom Brady often use Pilates to strengthen, prevent injuries or maintain fitness when recovering from injuries.
  • Celebrities, like Carrie-Ann Moss, Kate Winslet, Jamie Lee Curtis or Jason Schwartzman find Pilates helps them meet the demands of their roles.
  • Recent mothers often integrate Pilates and healthy eating to help shed pregnancy weight gains.
  • The average person — perhaps you — just wants to feel better, live better, and look better.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

You get out of Pilates what you put into it. Diligent and consistent practice of Pilates can help you achieve life-changing results. Pilates has been linked to numerous benefits to the body, soul and mind by helping you:

  • Add more energy and vitality to your life
  • Create strong, flexible muscles that look longer and leaner
  • Improve posture and body alignment
  • Reduce stress for more pleasurable living
  • Move with more self-confidence, balance and coordination
  • Learn how to breathe deeper and more efficiently
  • Decompress and supple your spine
  • Help manage chronic pain and prevent injury
  • Enhance your other sports-specific performance

As every person is unique, so are their results. Regular, focused workouts create stronger, healthier bodies.


  • Private Pilates Sessions - A customized 50-minute sessions at vital corps using Gratz Pilates apparatus. The cost is $60 per session. 
  • Group Pilates Mat Classes - I do offer sport-specific workshops upon request and availability. 

You can schedule a session or class 24/7 from your own home here.