Let's just start at Hello, shall we?

Many people who bop around the pages of this website initially think that reaching out to a coach like me is:

  1. Totally awesome for other people, but not people like me.
  2. For the weak, the wimpy or the otherwise infirm. 
  3. Downright painful. It's scary to tell a new person what's busted in your life right now, how vexing it is, and (as much as you loathe to admit it) that you don't really get what the hello coaching is. 

Asking for help is vulnerable, especially if we haven't met. Yet, it's also colossally courageous. If you made it all the way to this page because I bet you're curious. Do you really want to get this far and quit without even taking a few minutes to ask your questions? 

So, muster that moxie! Enter your contact information below; and I'll be in touch. All it costs is 20 minutes of your time. If "My health concerns" sounds kind of like a downer, then fill in the blank: I'm thinking of booking a session with Kara to chat about _____. 

My assistant or I strive to get back to you within 1-2 business days. 

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