Natural Chef Services

Meet Your Kitchen Classes

What? A customized, private plant-based cooking class in your own home to meet your dietary needs & desires. The class can be one-on-one or more of a demonstration to include friends & family members, too! 

Who? You're a person who...

  • knows that you should eat more veggies, but you have no clue how to even hold a knife. 
  • buys gorgeous, organic veggies and watches them rot in the fridge.
  • eats takeout most of the time because you don't have time to cook.
  • just found out that you're allergic to dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, etc.
  • was recently diagnosed with a medical condition with certain dietary restrictions.
  • wants to really dive into the healing power of food.
  • believes that there must be another way to cook a vegetable besides boiling.
  • is utterly amazed that some people eat 6-10 servings of vegetables per day. (No French fries and ketchup either.)
  • wants to eat less animal protein, but was raised on the Standard American Diet.
  • is bored with eating the same old stuff.
  • thinks it would be fun way to entertain your friends and eat something tasty at your next gathering.

Why? Because a few basic cooking skills and some inspiration can go a long, long way. Many diseases that the average person face today can be managed or even reversed by eating whole foods, especially fruits and veggies. Simple preparations at home can often be faster, and significantly cheaper, than actually picking up takeout. Guess what? It can taste awesome and leave you feeling better, too. (I'm totally serious!)

Where? Have knives will travel. I predominantly work in Western Massachusetts, as well as some parts of Northern Connecticut, Southern Vermont and NYC. Not in those areas? Ask anyways! One, you never know where this bon vivant might pop up; and, two, I have a vast network of skilled coaches and chefs that might be local to you.

The cost varies depending on your exact needs, but will be based on the following:

  • Chef fee: $60 per hour for a minimum of three hours
  • Shopping fee: $30 (optional, if you would like to purchase the ingredients yourself)
  • Actual cost of ingredients
  • Travel: actual travel costs or standard mileage rate above 10 miles from my home
A deposit of $180 is required. Payment can be made by check, cash or Paypal. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for all Natural Chef Services. 
Add-On Services
  • Pantry Assessment - Your fridge and kitchen cabinets can either set you up for success or be your worst enemy. Let's open them up and go through them together and discuss where we can make some improvements. This is especially helpful if you are transitioning your diet. (Hourly chef rate above applies.)
  • Grocery or Natural Foods Store Tour - You read about different foods in cookbooks or magazines, but get to the store and feel totally overwhelmed. You want to learn how to identify new foods and gauge their freshness. However, you don't know shiitake about what you're doing. Let's take a trip to the store together. We'll cruise the aisles while I answer your questions about different products that pique your interest, their freshness and their value. (Hourly chef rate above applies.)

Contact me to discuss what you want to learn or to book an event.