Praise, Love & Gratitude

I may dish some tough love some days, but it's straight from the heart. Leaving me totally grateful and plenty humbled, here's what some of my clients had to say: 

"Wow! That was some circle session! It was raw and real. Thanks Margaret for showing what it means to have a real heartfelt talk. I thought I was the only one struggling not to cry. Thanks Kara for expressing your emotions. Thanks for the safe space to take off the mask and talk about what is really happening in our lives. Most people looking from the outside assume my life is perfect, and for the most part, I carry on as though everything is swell when in reality there is so much shit happening. I get a lot of strength just checking in every session." -Justina G, Canada

"I was an un-tethered, unfocused, unguided missile. With big intentions, lofty goals, and a fair bit of knowledge about health, I came to our coaching sessions as a scattered ball of too much! Enter Kara. She came onto the scene with nutritional know-how, enthusiasm and the uncanny ability to troubleshoot my chaos and help me learn tools to approach life from a centered position. Kara is such an adaptable coach, her program is organic and appropriate for the ever changing landscape that is life. I felt I could share anything with her, from trouble getting inspired to eat, to being buried in paperwork and possibility. Kara was the force that got me unstuck. She helped me navigate my obstacles to having a healthy experience through creative recommendations and deep listening. Though our sessions have ended, I feel the impact that Kara made on me will forever reverberate as I continue to live my life. The experience has been invaluable, It has been great having such a trusty, knowledgeable and super fun ally as I walk a path to a more fulfilled, healthy life." -Celeste B, Utah

"Kara is a straightforward, no-nonsense goofball – the perfect engaging, authentic balance of tough and fun. There's never a dull moment in her coaching sessions. She'll guide you to discover (not tell you!) what you really want in life and hold you accountable so that you stop making excuses!" -Michelle G., Los Angeles, CA

“I cannot praise Kara Martin enough! In the time we have worked together I have experienced a complete transformation in my life personally and physically. Through our coaching sessions, Kara has helped me find the balance and career stability I have been craving and has given me the tools to re-explore my relationship with food. She is incredibly personable, offers helpful suggestions and exercises, and shows a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Kara!” - Cara F, NYC

“The Six Month Program was a life changing experience for me! I would recommend it to anyone. I learned so many things. Working with Kara, I learned about new foods, how they work in our bodies and how to listen to my body – something that I never really thought of. Eating out was always a huge challenge for me, but not anymore. Making the changes in my diet and in my life, now I have energy and feel great. I feel better, younger and with energy to spare. And I give thanks every day to God for putting Kara in my path.” - Vicky G, NYC

Bottom line: Kara inspires me to be a better person. Yes, we talk about eating leafy greens, which essentials oils to use, how to create a relaxing daily routine, the importance of recognizing your personal wants/needs in life, how to elongate your posture, how to strengthen your body without exhausting it -- all the things that make up a healthy, whole-living, breathing person. I learned so much just in my first session! But in the short time I have worked with Kara, I have definitely changed for the better and it was not just because my health has improved or because I am working towards a stronger, more resilient me. It is because of her casual, calm encouragement, her deep knowledge of what makes us all tick, and her blunt, cheerful way of saying it like it is (especially when you don't want to see it). I am inspired by her patience, dedication, motivation, and camaraderie. For the past two years I have gone to countless specialists/doctors, been through tons of tests/scans/bloodwork, been prescribed all kinds of different medications...and no doctor has found out what is wrong with my body or made me feel even the slightest bit better. Kara did, both physically and emotionally, and has supported me more than I could have imagined. She is a rock star and I am so lucky to have stumbled upon her. I owe the "new me" all to her :) - Kara J, Easthampton, MA

Yeah, there's more! You might as well hear it right from my clients. 

“I love working with Kara. She completely convinced this unbeliever! As someone who was used to working out with a traditional trainer in a gym, I thought I’d either be completely out of my league with the ballet-like pilates poses, or completely bored by a “girl” workout, but my experience has been just the opposite. Kara is great at tailoring our sessions to my needs (way-too-tight legs from running, zero grace) and personality (I like to really work! when I workout), and I always leave feeling both physically challenged and mentally refreshed. Plus, she’s taught me so much about the way my own body works (and sometimes doesn’t!) that I find myself putting her advice to work for me more outside the studio than in it. I’m not sure that I believe her that I’m any taller, but my posture and coordination are both vastly improved, and I feel stronger, straighter and more balanced every time we meet. For a non-intimidating, no-b.s. approach to pilates, and fitness in general, Kara is your lady!” - Emilie D, Creative Dir., NYC

Kara is a very gifted teacher. My experience with her was with pilates. As a runner, I have very tight legs from time to time and pilates is a great way to stretch out the muscles and strengthen the core. Kara didn't just give me the usual pilates sessions, she customized them to my specific needs which was great. That is of course exactly what you want your instructor to do. Unfortunately, it seems like many instructors don't listen and instead give you the cookie cutter class. She also is a very visual person clearly because her descriptions of how to do certain exercises correctly gives the student a very nice image of exactly what it should look like and also, how it should feel (sometimes, much to my amusement). She's super-organized and has a friendly, fun but firm demeanor which worked very well for me. I would highly recommend her as a pilates instructor--I only wish she was still in NYC to give me sessions. - Stephanie H, Advertising Executive, NYC

And even the men had some praise, too!

“Being introduced to Pilates by Kara was one of the most cool, relaxing and fun (yet challenging) physical activities I’ve done in ages. Even now, I can’t help but straightening up and de-slouch every time I think of her… talk about leaving an enduring impression! I recently learned that Kara kicks ass at PingPong, too!… I wonder if and how Pilates-related could that be…” - Marco A, Curator, NYC

“Kara is a great teacher. Attending her personalized Pilates sessions for 11 months helped me to improve my posture, strengthen my lower back, and develop a better awareness about my body. Kara provides an invigorating workout that is both challenging and fun.” - Brendan M, Corporate Training & Event Planning, NYC


Humbled and grateful indeed! Many of these reviews were originally published on the Interweb. You can also find many reviews on google (old location) and LinkedInReach out and say hello if you wonder what we could co-create.