Helping frazzled, under-nourished, Type A women get their health & lifestyle shizzle together. When you feel awesome, you have the energy and the confidence to go after that really, really delicious stuff in life.

I'm Kara. That's what I do. I've worked with hundreds of people all over the globe. We co-create change at a comfortable pace. We get sustainable results.  

How can you and I best work together?

We're all different. We're all unique. So, I like to give my clients a few choices. Here's what I've got for you: 

  • Health & Lifestyle Coaching 
    Whether you have been starving for some awesome change in your life or just want to dip your footsies in the pool, I have an option for you. Learn more about the initial 1-on-1 Discovery Session and the accountability-focused Frazzled to Fabulous coaching packages. 

  • Flow + Glow for Entrepreneurs  
    A small group coaching package designed especially for aspiring entreprenuers or entrepreneurs who are feeling frazzled or overwhelmed by their business. The goal is to have you creating a business that sustainably fits your life instead of the other way around.
  • Beyond the Elevator Coaching 
    An online coaching package designed to help you find your purpose and articulate at with confidence that culminates with a phone/Skype session with me. Help me end the awkward introduction at parties, networking events and conferences. 
  • Classical Pilates Instruction
    It's an old, yet proven, exercise method that can help get you a new body. Stretch, strengthen and tone in one effective workout. You'll also gain awareness of your own body and its movements. 

Not sure which option is right for you? No problem. We can chat about it and decide together.

Contact me today to schedule a time to chat.   

Let one of my coaching clients tell you what she thought:

"Bottom line: Kara inspires me to be a better person. Yes, we talk about eating leafy greens, which essentials oils to use, how to create a relaxing daily routine, the importance of recognizing your personal wants/needs in life, how to elongate your posture, how to strengthen your body without exhausting it -- all the things that make up a healthy, whole-living, breathing person. I learned so much just in my first session! But in the short time I have worked with Kara, I have definitely changed for the better and it was not just because my health has improved or because I am working towards a stronger, more resilient me. It is because of her casual, calm encouragement, her deep knowledge of what makes us all tick, and her blunt, cheerful way of saying it like it is (especially when you don't want to see it). I am inspired by her patience, dedication, motivation, and camaraderie. For the past two years I have gone to countless specialists/doctors, been through tons of tests/scans/bloodwork, been prescribed all kinds of different medications...and no doctor has found out what is wrong with my body or made me feel even the slightest bit better. Kara did, both physically and emotionally, and has supported me more than I could have imagined. She is a rock star and I am so lucky to have stumbled upon her. I owe the "new me" all to her :)"  - Kara.J., Easthampton, MA