What is Project Fabulous Femme?

Did I tell you that I’ve been working 1 on something new since this spring? It’s not-so-secret name is Project Fabulous Femme. Leave it to the French to have the word for woman femme inherently sound so much more feminine. I’m rolling with it.

When I started my health & lifestyle practice over 6 years ago, it was to serve and connect women who lead (or want to lead) lives spiked with passion and slathered with joy. Even the name vital corps speaks to the idea 2 of rallying women around a common cause. Check it:

vital corps definition.jpg

Even though I work as a single small business owner, or a solopreneur, there have been countless fabulous women who have supported or inspired me along the way. Some of these women are my friends and peers. Some are my mentors and teachers. Some of them I talk to every week. Some of them I read their words, see their art or hear their craft. Some I’ve had to acknowledge that it’s been way too long since we last caught up, but get over myself and reach out anyways. In all sorts of ways, they ignited a spark in me.

So, I decided to channel my inner Terry Gross and ask them a few questions about being a woman.

Why? Because real women can inspire and energize other real women in amazingly simple ways. In all my years of private conversations with women, it’s clear that we need inspiring and energizing. Being a modern woman can be outright tough at times; and we often silently shoulder similar common struggles. It’s the process of vulnerably and honestly coming together that catalyzes us into Fabulous Femmes. Personally, this project is a chance to play, connect, and exercise my insatiable curiosity 3 with the intention of learning.

Over the coming months, I’m going to be introducing you to some of these fabulous femmes. These busy, getting-shit-done women graciously took time to share their perspectives with us, the vital corps tribe. Please be curious and open to learning. Please be kind. Please think. Please share.

To me, this project is the vital corps equivalent of acknowledging these real, but utterly fabulous, women with a champagne toast and passing them the mic.

Without any further adieu, meet Julie Rader, the very first Fabulous Femme. I hope you’ll raise a virtual glass with me. Clink, clink.

Notes: 1 I say “working” because I’m taking it really serious, but it organically feels more way more playful and inspiring. [2] It also speaks to my love and frequent mangling of the French language plus my Francophile pop culture tendencies. [3] Anyone who’s worked with me knows, I LOVE asking questions.