You need a speaker; I like to speak.

Who Am I? 

Short answer: The poo-whispering, troubleshooting, former bean-counting, pixie-sized vital cœur of vital corps serving frazzled, Type-A women since 2009. If you'd like to learn more about me as a:

  • human, jump over here to learn all the juicy stuff.
  • speaker, please keep reading and scrolling. 

Who might YOU be?

You’re probably looking for a speaker to help your audience feel more energized, more centered and healthier without sacrificing productivity or treating nutrition like a religion. Past clients have included organizations like Isenberg School of Management (UMass - Amherst), Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Baystate Health, wimlink (NYC), Women Business Owners of America, Human Service Forum, several WWLP Mass Appeal segments and more. 

Photo by Ally Montemagni 

Photo by Ally Montemagni 

What does your audience get when you book me?

Tools for health + lifestyle transformation, inspiration and topical lessons learned as a:

  • Former CPA/Financial Analyst who quelled chaos at bankrupt companies and later tech startups 
  • Young perfectionist who recognized that her lifestyle & career were eroding her health and healed herself 
  • Lifelong learner who apprenticed under a Pilates master and who has gone on to study functional nutrition, health coaching and natural kitchen cooking
  • Entrepreneur who latched up her bootstraps and built a health + lifestyle strategy practice that services amazing clients on 6 continents (Antarctica, I’m still looking at you.)
  • Woman on a mission to change the conversation around obligation + desire by collecting 33,000 handwritten task lists from women around the globe.

11 things you should know about my speaking style: 

  1. I strive to be easy to work with during the process. You have enough to worry about planning the rest of your event.
  2. I shoot straight from a place of curiosity and compassion.
  3. I’m down-to-earth (and sometimes pretty funny) when breaking down complex topics. 
  4. I love speaking about health & lifestyle topics from a functional perspective with an eye on playfulness, practical application and productivity. 
  5. I share from my personal story, both when I was a rockstar or when I struggled, as it relates to the topic.
  6. I dig sparking fires under peoples’ rumps, fanning the flames of self-advocacy, but extinguishing dogma around self-care and nutrition. 
  7. I have facilitated intimate workshops lounging on yoga mats and have spoken to a packed house of 1200+ people. 
  8. I embrace formats like workshops, teleclasses, podcasts and panels as well as keynotes with healthy doses of interaction as the format allows.
  9. Live conferences, colleges, networking groups and professional organizations are where you’ll find me speaking most often. 
  10. Don’t let my casual style fool you. I’ve never had anyone call me unprofessional or unclassy even when I’ve spoken about women losing their shit. (Don't worry, no F-bombs on stage.) 
  11. There is a special spot in my heart for frazzled, Type-A women who sometimes forget they deserve a life spiked with passion and slathered with joy, but bullshit or burnout keeps slowing them down.

Give Le vital corps Salon a listen.

Le vital corps Salon is a podcast for frazzled, Type-A women. Each episode, I function as host and salonnière interviewing women who don't let bullshit or burnout prevent them from leaving their stain on the world. It's a fun way for you to learn what topics I regularly cover and maybe learn a thing or two. Find the most recent episodes over here. 

Current topics:

Stress, Guts and the Frazzled Modern Woman
How many times a day do you think or say, “I’m sooooo stressed,” while feeling your heart pound or your belly rumble? If you’re like my frazzled, Type-A clients, the answer is: too many times. That stress is causing very real wear & tear on your body, but it can also be a gift. (I'm serious.) Come talk transformation with me, a recovering perfectionist and former-CPA-turned-health-and-lifestyle strategist. I will share a story of hope & humor, sketch out an informal case study and pull an interactive tool from my toolbox. [Interactive keynote or workshop format available.]

SMARTER Goal Setting
Most of have heard about S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. It's nothing new. Yet, most of us are getting bogged down in our task lists instead of working on the real health and happiness game-changers - the things that will really move the needle. That's why I tacked on that -ER and made it SMARTER. This workshop will be a chance to dig into your goal, create some actionable steps and visualize the result you want. Come prepared with a goal that you want to work on. [Interactive workshop format available.]

Don’t see your topic here? Or maybe you’re a smidge uncertain which topic would be best for your event? Just reach out. Let’s have a conversation and work through it together. 

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