Many people who visit my digital home initially think reaching out to a health + lifestyle strategist like me is:

  1. Totally awesome for other people, but not people like me.
  2. For the weak, the wimpy or the otherwise infirm. (Ahem, executives and elite athletes have coaches and team strategists.)
  3. Downright scary. It's scary to tell a new person what's busted in your life right now and how painful it is. (How great would support feel?)
  4. Embarrassing because you don't really know what to expect if we work together. (Don't worry, I won't judge you.)
  5. A frivolous investment of time and money. (My past clients would lovingly disagree.)

Asking for help is vulnerable. Yet, it's also colossally courageous. You made it all the way to this page because I bet you're curious. Do you really want to get this far without asking me your questions?

If you’re considering working together, don't forget to check out my Smart Start page. Otherwise...

Enter your contact information below, please. I'll do my best to get back to you within a few days.

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For some, this is a health complaint. For others, this is a lifestyle pain point. In other words, what's stuck or sucks right now?