Frazzled to Fabulous Coaching 

(Also known as Going Steady Post-Smart Start Session)

We had a great health coaching first date at your Smart Start session. Things feel figureoutable and less overwhelming. You want to keep going with some structure, motivation and support. Just like dating, we both have to be into each other. I want you to feel comfortable and confident moving forward. I also want to make sure that you're really committed to making transformational change if we're going to be going steady for the next several months. After the Smart Start session, I’ll be very candid about the health + lifestyle coaching options below being a right fit. 

Kick around what life could be like if you could:

  • Break the I don't have time cycle with a dedicated and recurring time to get your shit together
  • Have a discrete and non-judgmental space to explore options, ideas, obstacles, and fears
  • Be regularly supported by a creative, analytical strategist who actively listens to what you say, and more importantly, what you don't say
  • Identify and define sustainable, healthier diet + lifestyle be tough-lovingly held accountable for implementing them 
  • Find unconventionally resourceful, but actionable, ways to transform your life as you know it
  • Use this experience to become a more assertive + more confident + more empowered owner of your own health and happiness

What's included in the Frazzled to Fabulous health coaching package?

Your Frazzled to Fabulous health coaching package includes:

  • Two 50-minute strategy sessions each month by phone/Skype to stay on track
  • One 75-minute Gap session (typically 3-months after our last sessions to make sure you're staying fabulous)
  • Online 1-1 support from me via our online coaching portal for questions, strategy tweaks and support between our sessions 
  • Access to additional coaching tools and educational resources designed to keep you growing + moving forward
  • Regular strategic assessment report(s) to make sure we're not getting lost in the weeds or the clouds during the process

What is the investment for all this?

Gasp! We haven't even been on our first health coaching date yet - the Smart Start session.

Kidding aside, I'm happy to share all of my package pricing & payment options when we talk. Current packages start at $5,000. Monthly payment options are available. Additionally, I have a special bonus for clients who commit to their coaching package within 1 week of their Smart Start. The structure and accountability of doing longer-term transformational work together is something I take uber-seriously. It's a big investment of energy and time for both of us. It needs to be a great fit. 

How do I know you're the right coach for me?

Start with a Smart Start session, so you can make an informed decision. You'll know. Side note: For some women, this single session is enough to get going again. 

As you can probably tell already, I have a big heart full of tough love. I believe in being direct and communicating clear expectations from the get-go. That said, I expect my clients to: 

  • Be 100% present during our sessions for a minimum of 6 months. 
  • Choose a regular day/time for their sessions (beyond the Smart Start) and adhere to a strict rescheduling policy.
  • Install and utilize Slack and (optionally) Skype for communicating.
  • Commit to the process by doing homework outside of our sessions (that we'll co-create together during our sessions). 

If any of these expectations feel like too much of a stretch, I may not be the right professional for you. Even if it's not with me, my hope is that you get where you want to go. 

What if I want to keep getting ready to get ready?

You can. You can stay exactly where you are right now. Where you are right now might be totally comfortable for you. 

In fact, there are probably a million reasons not to do this transformational work. Since 2009, here are some of the most commonly heard ones:

I don't have time. No, I really don't have time. I know other people say they don't have time, but I really, really do not have time. I have so much to do. You couldn't possibly understand how hectic my life is. It's too much of a time commitment. I don't have enough money. I can't spend that on myself. I'd rather spend my money on something more tangible, more practical, more fun than just my future health and happiness. I'm not worth the investment of time and money. I'm scared. This won't work for me. I'll be right back to where I started. I'm scared about having to be honest with myself. You'll judge me during our sessions. There's no way I could stick to a schedule. I can't take this time away from my work. I can't take this time away from my partner. I can't take this time away from my children. I can't spare the 2 hours each month for our sessions. My partner or children will never eat anything healthy. I'm too stressed-out, overwhelmed and exhausted to make any changes right now.

All of these reasons are completely reasonable and totally valid. Did I forget any? 

Guess what? They all have creative solutions, too. When you're ready to make the commitment to yourself, I will be ready, too. It all starts with you.