Let’s be real: You follow all the health, wellness and productivity “gurus” out there. You know you should be eating 5+ servings of fruits & veggies, sleeping 8 hours each night, exercising on the regular, working smarter (not harder), and getting along with everyone in your life without drama. Yet, you can’t get it together or self-start lately.

In reality, keeping yourself healthy, happy and focused feels like a part-time job lately. For all your effort (and there’s a ton of it), you still feel energetically drained (if not completely burnt out) and mired by all this static and bullshit around you. Well, my world-weary, new friend, take a mothertrucking deep breath and consider this:

You deserve a life spiked with passion and slathered with joy.

I think every woman does. However, I have a wicked soft spot for my frazzled, Type-A ladies who (1) may have forgotten that fact, (2) believe it applies to other women, but not them, and (3) feel a smidge ashamed that their normally ass-kicking self feels a little busted & stuck right now. 

You need a healthy body + mind to get shit done. Both are mission-critical to achieving all those amazing things you so deeply desire in life. Stressing out or burning yourself down to the nub are definitely not the path to happiness, health, and high performance. 

Here are some options to get started.