My /now page

If you’re a friend, family member, past coworker, current client or have been opening my newsletter, you probably know that I’m as much a geek about productivity and streamlined processes as I am about functional health. Let’s get real here. By junior high I had my very own Franklin Planner and was devouring my mom’s “work books" like Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Hammer’s Reengineering the Corporation. Inspired by Derek Sivers and a rash of “what are you working on lately?” emails, welcome to my /now page!

My intention for this /now page is to be the one place to:

  • Have a focused, rock solid answer when you ask what I’m doing these days
  • Be able to share that answer with you in a snap
  • Stay fresh and focused on what I deem a priority
  • Make it easier to say no to requests that don’t fit with my priorities. 

Here’s what I’m focused on these days:

  • Supporting my fabulous health + lifestyle strategy clients during and between our sessions
  • Recording/distributing more episodes of Le vital corps Salon for women who don't have time for bullshit or burnout
  • Nourishing myself with exercise on the regular and maintaining my daily meditation streak
  • Spending quality time with my husband. This often includes rock & roll, house hunting and hiking.
  • Collecting 33,000 task lists handwritten by women from all over the world for a project I've been dreaming about for many months. Got one to donate
  • Learning stuff via books, podcasts or training courses. Current focus: Functional Nutrition continuing education and small pockets of practicing French.

I’ll be reviewing this during my monthly reFRESH hour and will update it if and when my priorities change. Last update: 23 May 2017