My /now page

If you’re a friend, family member, past coworker, current client or have been opening my newsletter, you probably know that I’m as much a geek about productivity and streamlined processes as I am about functional health. Let’s get real here. By junior high I had my very own Franklin Planner and was devouring my mom’s “work books" like Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Hammer’s Reengineering the Corporation. Inspired by Derek Sivers and a rash of “what are you working on lately?” emails, welcome to my /now page!

My intention for this /now page is to be the one place to:

  • Have a focused, rock solid answer when you ask what I’m doing these days
  • Be able to share that answer with you in a snap
  • Stay fresh and focused on what I deem a priority
  • Make it easier to say no to requests that don’t fit with my priorities. 

Here’s what I’m focused on these days:

  • Supporting my fabulous health + lifestyle coaching clients during and between our sessions
  • Recording and editing more sessions for Le vital corps Salon for women who don't have time for bullshit or burnout
  • Collecting 33,000 task lists handwritten by women from all over the world for a project I've been dreaming about for many months. Got one to donate
  • Nourishing myself with exercise, especially functional movement training and keeping my daily meditation streak going
  • Spending quality time with my husband. This often includes rock & roll, hockey and house hunting
  • Learning stuff via books, podcasts or training courses. Current focus: French and energy medicine

I’ll be reviewing this during my monthly reFRESH hour and will update it if and when my priorities change. Last update: 7 March 2017