Frazzled OR Fabulous? Let's Smart Start.

After trying nearly every diet out there, you’ve decided you and your body are no longer BFFs. You’re too strapped for time to know what the hell to eat anymore (never mind when and how you’d actually prepare it). Your guts are clogged. Your inbox is clogged. Your schedule is clogged. Your hormones are not clogged, but their wild surging leaves you feeling amped at night and by day…well, an unfocused, unhinged crankypants.

As the pressure to eat perfectly…and perhaps just be perfect in every other area of your life…grows, you emo-eat and attempt to task-tame more. Life, work and your relationships are pulling you in 360 different directions leaving you energetically spent and emotionally frazzled. You’re starting to look it. Even worse, you’ve been feeling it for a while. You’re hungry for food. You’re even hungrier for some “soul” food. You realize that there is a growing gap between the person you are and the fabulous person that you want to be. 

You know that it doesn't have to suck this much, right? 

Let’s roll up our sleeves and talk. Consider yourself invited to a Smart Start session with me.

Picture what could possibly happen if you got to:

  • Pause the human-sized hamster wheel you’re racing on for 90 whole minutes and exhale…slooooooowly…with relief
  • Talk to someone who won't immediately insinuate your seemingly unrelated symptoms are just in your head
  • Feel truly heard and supported by a non-judgmental health + lifestyle strategist known for her unconventional resourcefulness & troubleshooting
  • Consider your health as a whole person through a functional lens, not just be treated like a walking pile of symptoms 
  • Connect a few dots in your life to illuminate what’s working and what’s keeping you from being the healthy, energized person you so desire to be
  • Deconstruct some confusion and emerge from our session with 2-3 actionable, fabulosity-forward changes that might actually...gasp...feel great

What exactly is a Smart Start session?

It’s the "first date" of health + lifestyle coaching, except it’s way more likely to increase your future health + happiness and less nerve-wracking. 

Before our date, you’ll register online, complete some thought-provoking intake forms in my secure coaching portal and be invited to choose a time for our session together. (That portal is available 24/7 for your convenience.) 

I know you're really busy. So, I don’t want you unnecessarily running around. For our session, we’ll connect by phone or Skype for 90 minutes wherever you physically are in the world. Instead of having to get all gussied-up and go out, you can just comfortably situate yourself in a distraction-free zone where you can speak freely. Translation: I don’t care if you wear lipstick and comfy pants as long as you’re 100% present and participatory in our conversation.

Yes, my friend, that is a Smart Start session. That doesn’t sound so scary, right? I bet you’re wondering how much this kind of neato costs. 

Your investment in the Smart Start session and yourself is $495. Click the button below to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this really a one-time session?

A: Yup. Like I said, it’s the first date of coaching for you and me. To keep my own focus and energy, I only see a limited number of private clients. So, I’m quite particular about who I go Frazzled to Fabulous steady with these days. Let’s see if there is any chemistry before we decide to move forward into exclusive accountability for several months, shall we? Self-starters who just need some outside health and lifestyle perspective sometimes find this session is enough to get going again. 

Q: Why are the sessions by phone or Skype only? 

A: Once upon a time, I paid a lot in rent for a sparkly Manhattan office to see my busy, professional clients who (much to my surprise) preferred to meet by phone or Skype. At first, I was suspect that we could “get real” without being in the same room. What I found is that people are often more comfortable without my two little eyes spying them. Plus, it’s travel-friendly. Got a layover in Bangkok? No need to cancel your session. (True story.) 

Q: What have some of your past clients had to say about working with you?

A: Here’s what two of them had to say in their own words:

Bottom line: Kara inspires me to be a better person. Yes, we talk about eating leafy greens, which essentials oils to use, how to create a relaxing daily routine, the importance of recognizing your personal wants/needs in life, how to elongate your posture, how to strengthen your body without exhausting it -- all the things that make up a healthy, whole-living, breathing person. I learned so much just in my first session! –Kara J., Easthampton, MA

Kara is a straightforward, no-nonsense goofball - the perfect engaging, authentic balance of tough and fun. There's never a dull moment in her coaching sessions. She'll guide you to discover (not tell you!) what you really want in life and hold you accountable so that you stop making excuses! -Michelle G., Los Angeles, CA 

Warning: You may leave your Smart Start session feeling pretty darn energized. You're one click away...

Have a question that I haven't answered yet? Contact me to schedule a free Hello! session, so you can make an informed decision.