What is The 33k Task List Project?

Photo lovingly created by    Business Betties

Photo lovingly created by Business Betties

The goal: Collect 33,000 handwritten task lists from women all over the globe. 

Yes, I’m totally serious. I know in my heart it's going to be a radically awesome adventure. 

Why? To create a large-scale work of art and change the conversation about the stress, obligation and desire using women’s task lists. (If you want the 4-minute, deep-dive Why, go ahead and click over here.)

If you're a woman*, please donate your handwritten task list. 

Snail mail it to me at: 
Kara Snyder / vital corps
PO Box 453
Hurley, NY 12443

Mail me your task (or to-do) list instead of recycling it or throwing it away. That is my humble request.

As I’ve been asking women for their task list, the overall response has been AWESOME. Honestly, no one has rolled their eyes, muttered weirdo under their breath and made a beeline for the closest exit like my Itty Bitty Shitty Committee thought would happen. In fact, the women I’ve asked want to give me exactly what I need to construct my vision. In their excitement, I’ve had a barrage of questions volleyed back at me in rapid fire. 

Before you run off to your closest mailbox, please take a quick peek at these FAQs: 

What do you mean by task list anyways? If you've written something you needed to do down, it counts as a task or to-do list. If it's on a scrap of paper, a napkin, or the flattened cardboard sleeve from your latte, it counts. Some folks call them to-do lists. Poh-tay-toh. Poh-tah-toh.

How many lists have you collected so far? 2,090 from 164 women across 27 states and 7 countries so far. (As of July 2019 and updated every few months)

Can I send you more than one?  Yes, please! If you’re taking the time to mail an envelope, fill it up. You may have a task list for the different spheres of your life - work, home, school, etc. If that’s your style, please send me your list from each sphere of your life as it best represents you. Because you know you better than I do. 

*Do I have to be a woman? This project welcomes women/ciswomen and trans women. Nonbinary and gender fluid folks who are into task lists or otherwise identify with this project are also welcome. This project thanks all of the men who are allies, advocates, mentors, and sponsors for this project.

Does it have to be a handwritten list? Yes, please. This is such a common and integral question that I decided to break it down in its very own post

Does it have to be in English? Nope. In fact, I’m hoping my simple ask makes it all over the world. Maybe even to outer space. (I'm looking at you, NASA and the inhabitants of the International Space Station.)

Do I have to mail my original list? There's something so special about receiving a list created by another human. Even if you got matcha on the bottom right corner or your pooch took a bite of the top left corner, it's perfect just as it is. If possible, I want the real McCoy. I don't mind waiting a few extra days or weeks. If donating even a single page or physically mailing it is an obstacle for you right now, I understand. Please email a legible, high-resolution, scanned version of your handwritten list to kara@vitalcorpswellness.com.

Do I have to include my name, email or any other identifying information when I send it to you? No. Only if you want to share it with me, but it's not necessary. If I did have your name and email, I could thank you. Otherwise, consider yourself cosmically thanked when I open the envelope. 

What if there is sensitive information on my task list? To help you understand what I’m going to do with your task list, please visit this post. You can strike any last names, company names or other identifying details out with a black Sharpie. What I’m most seeking to understand is what women are putting on their task lists - not that Jenny Smith’s phone number is 867-5309. 

My list is pretty boring. Are you sure you want it? Absolutely, yes! It's perfect just as it is. Seriously, do not change a thing. Just toss one (or more!) in an envelope and mail it. When your task list combines with 32,999 others, it's going to be awesome. 

Who's behind The 33k Task List Project? Behind the scenes, it's currently just me (Kara). One little lady. One teeny, self-funded budget. One giant mission. And, of course, people like you who have taken the time to read this far, share this page or mail your list(s). Thank you.

What are you going to do with my list? Great question. It's answered over here

I really dig this project. Are there any other ways I can help? Yes, please and thank you! With such an ambitious project, I sincerely welcome and accept the help. I've pulled together a short list of both online and offline suggestions right over here. (Note: Many are fast and free.) 

If I don't want to mail my list, are there places that I can drop off my list?
Stay tuned! I’m currently repurposing two donated mailboxes into #33k collection boxes and scouting locations to temporarily host them. Locations that women repeatedly visit or frequently traverse will be ideal. If you have access to a location like that and would be willing to host a mailbox for at least 4-6 weeks, kindly let me know.

What would a lawyer tell me to tell you? By submitting information to the 33k Task List Project, you grant 33k Task List Project a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to your anonymous task list at its sole discretion, including storing it on 33k Task List Project servers and incorporating it in other works in any media now known or later developed including without limitation published books. If you do not wish to grant 33k Task List Project these rights, it is suggested that you do not submit information to this project. 33k Task List Project reserves the right to select, edit and arrange submissions, and to remove information from the 33k Task List Project website and social media websites at any time at its sole discretion. 

Did I forget something? Contact me.

Please mail your task list to: Kara Snyder, PO Box 453, Hurley, NY 12443 (USA). Thank you!